Startup Intern

RHUL's very own startup internship board.

These are a curated list of startups that Jasper Lyons has mentored or vetted.

Startups don't always know what they need though! So I've had a discussion with each on on the list and identified their biggest problems right now (that they'd be willing to pay someone to solve 😉 ).

See something you think is interesting? Apply and lets see if we can't get you a startup internship.

Current Problems

Nothing Has Loaded?!

We're probably just waiting on the google scripts API! If this is a problem that doesn't solve it's self in ~ 200ms - 2000ms then maybe you can reach out to help! Probably won't be a whole internship though since, this is not an actual company...

Jasper Lyons

Ex CTO, Lecturing Software Engineering, Mentoring Startups, EIR at Ignite.